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Reception Starters

We can't wait to welcome our first group of reception children to our school!

Starting school is a big event for our reception children and we want to make this transition as smooth as possible. Over the coming months, we will be sharing the development of our school via photos and videos - so your child can see their new school coming to life! 

We will be in regular communication with all our families to get to know you and your child, and to help you be prepared for their first day. This will include a tour of the school for your child to see their new classroom and to meet their class teacher. 

As September approaches, we will also provide an introduction pack to all families, that will include further information on how we support our children to transition into reception. 

If you would like further information please contact Kerry Cottrell, Primary Head of School, via the email address below:



Stanley Hall Road
OX12 0GR


01235 933303