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Our Learning and Curriculum

Curriculum Vision

Our curriculum vision is to create an aspirational curriculum that sparks our children's curiosity and aspirations through our strong relationships with our families and local community.

Curriculum Aims


Our curriculum allows all of our children will be curious learners to explore and question, reason, and justify their thinking. We want our children to challenge themselves and be risk-takers to consider learning in new and creative ways and to ‘grow’ and build their knowledge and skills as they progress through school.


Our curriculum is designed to nurture each individual child and support them to be active, sensitive listeners and express themselves with thought and clarity. We emphasise the importance of respect to all in our local community, regardless of belief, and to be able to share what makes us unique. Our curriculum promotes collaboration and teamwork by encouraging respectful relationships.


Our curriculum will enable our children to be:

  • Effective communicators who can articulate their learning and express their opinions
  • Curious lifelong learners who enjoy learning, and develop their understanding of the world around them
  • Respectful, positive members of society who contributes to our community
  • Aspirational individuals who strive to achieve their best
Our Approach

At St John’s we follow a knowledge-engaged spiral curriculum. This means that we believe in the importance of knowledge to underpin the application of skills that our children need. We make explicit links within and across subject disciplines to allow our learners to understand the wider context of their learning. Our children revisit and build upon their learning over time to deepen their knowledge and master skills. Enrichment is prioritised to ensure all children have a range of experiences to learn from and connect their learning to.

Our curriculum is informed by cognitive science. This helps all our learners access the curriculum, develop skills and retain key knowledge. 

To find out more about curriculum and approach please contact Kerry Cottrell, Primary Head of School.



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