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Lunch and Snack

2-3 Year olds

Children will be invited back into their base room to enjoy a healthy snack (fruit or vegetables) and a drink (milk or water) together as a group. This allows for our children to be supported and supervised to start to learn important skills such as handwashing, turn taking and pouring.  It also gives our youngest children the opportunity to have some quiet time away from the rest of the nursery and to enjoy a story or song together. 

3-4 Year olds

All of our children will have access to a healthy snack (fruit or vegetables) and a drink (milk or water). We want to encourage independence and the ability for our children to listen to their bodies and know when they are hungry and thirsty. We do this through a rolling snack approach. 

This means that a choice of snacks and drinks will be available for our children to access, when they choose to, during our morning session. Children will know that the 'snack table' is open and be able to decide when they would like to eat and/or drink. An adult will be available to supervise, support and guide children if needed, such as reminding children to wash their hands and to be considerate of others. 


Lunchtime will start from 11.30 for children that are in nursery for the full day. We model and encourage manners at lunchtime and see this as an opportunity to talk about heathy eating.

Your child will need to bring a healthy packed lunch and a water bottle. Packed lunches must be in a suitable box or container which should be named. For health and safety reasons no drinks in cans or glass bottles and no hot liquids are allowed in school. 

As our school strives to encourage children to be healthy we ask families to think carefully about what is given to their child in their packed lunch. We do not allow any fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate. 

Healthy Lunchbox Checklist

  • A good portion of starchy food, e.g. wholemeal bread, pita, pasta or rice salad.
  • Plenty of fruit and vegetables, e.g. an apple, satsuma, carrot sticks, mini can of fruit in natural juice.
  • Portion of milk or dairy food, e.g. individual cheese portion, pot of yoghurt.
  • Portion of lean meat, fish or alternative, ham, chicken, beef, tuna, egg, humous.
  • A drink of fruit juice, milk or water.


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